Proven to Make a Difference

Award-Winning Program

In November 2017, LIVING the Dementia Journey was named the Best New Long-Term Care Product or Service of the Year at the Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA)'s Annual Awards Gala.

In 2016, Argentum (a USA senior living leadership association) recognized LIVING the Dementia Journey as a “Breakthrough Innovation that opens new markets and offers new advantages”. The program was acknowledged as an Innovative Education and Training program for staff and teams in memory care.

Evidence-Based Impact

A pilot evaluation with 526 participants in 12 long-term care homes found that LIVING the Dementia Journey effectively increased the knowledge and skills of learners to better support the well-being of persons living with dementia.

A more in-depth evaluation with 1,785 participants across a long-term care and retirement living organization showed that participants had high satisfaction ratings with an overall score of 4.7 out 5.0 (1 = Poor and 5 = Excellent). Both participants and facilitators felt the program was valuable and positively shifted perceptions and language about dementia

  • Retirement and long-term care manager
    “The facilitators are using really creative ways to showcase the content and provoke people to start thinking about the content in ways I didn’t even imagine. There’s a lot of passionate people that all want to make a difference.”
    Retirement and long-term care manager
  • Long-term care and retirement volunteer
    “Truly this training has opened my eyes to appreciating every moment with residents and to see staff members as team members helping on the resident’s journey.”
    Long-term care and retirement volunteer
  •  Family member of person living with dementia
    “It’s been next to a miracle for me. All the things they’re teaching me now I went through not knowing what I was going through. It’s opening my eyes; I wish I had known it years ago.”
    Family member of person living with dementia
  • Family member of person living with dementia
    “I’ve always been looking for the answer of what to say when my mother is talking and I’ve never known, but after taking the course I finally get it.”
    Family member of person living with dementia
  • Program participant
    “Our team members are very mindful of the language they’re using and it has improved maybe 80%. I’m not hearing any of the language that you used to associate with long-term care. It’s much softer and more respectful.”
    Program participant
  • Long-term care and retirement staff/team member
    “I was really impressed because I appreciate that they’re not labelling the individual with the disease. It’s just an aspect of their life that has changed and it’s really important that we don’t see it as who they are, that they’re categorized as a ‘dementia resident’ – this is just a different way of living for them. That’s why we’re dropping the medical model and picking up the social model where we can be open with each other as human beings, not a hierarchy of care where there’s the practitioner and a patient.”
    Long-term care and retirement staff/team member
  • Retirement resident
    “I fully support LIVING the Dementia Journey. It’s probably one of the best things our teams, family members and residents can do. Everybody has a preconceived idea of what dementia is, but there’s so much more to it and if you’re not going through it yourself, you don’t know what to expect day-to-day.”
    Retirement resident